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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I thought I post this all last week but I don't see it anywhere. Oh well. I guess now is better than never. This is Ibon. He is a friend of ours that we met from the foreign exchange that my Mom & Dad did. He is such a nice boy and we had so much fun with him. Here he is being silly! We are lucky that he is going to come back and visit us this summer.

This is our Clark Family reunion. The weather got a little bad so we had a great time in my parents garage! After the weather got better we all got to play volleyball and had a great time!
Cow appreciation at Chick-fil-a. I am sure Ibon thought we were crazy. Well we are and that is just fine with me!

Fun night at Bunco. It was pj's night and Ali Dropped all of her Pringles on the floor. She was so sad. Poor Kala's carpet. It has been through a lot! haha Love our Bunco!!

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Jon and Alison said...

Haha! My poor Pringels. Oh how I miss Bunco night with you crazy girls.