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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I thought I post this all last week but I don't see it anywhere. Oh well. I guess now is better than never. This is Ibon. He is a friend of ours that we met from the foreign exchange that my Mom & Dad did. He is such a nice boy and we had so much fun with him. Here he is being silly! We are lucky that he is going to come back and visit us this summer.

This is our Clark Family reunion. The weather got a little bad so we had a great time in my parents garage! After the weather got better we all got to play volleyball and had a great time!
Cow appreciation at Chick-fil-a. I am sure Ibon thought we were crazy. Well we are and that is just fine with me!

Fun night at Bunco. It was pj's night and Ali Dropped all of her Pringles on the floor. She was so sad. Poor Kala's carpet. It has been through a lot! haha Love our Bunco!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What the HECK!

First of all can I just say HOW IN THE WORLD HAS IT BEEN NINE MONTHS??? Yes 9 whole months since I have post all my life. I am sure you are all wondering what the HECK we have been up to! Well in the next couple of days to maybe weeks you will see it all. Last night I made 47 collages for your viewing pleasure. So this is 4th of July. Rorke was so excited to wear the glow in the dark stuff (thanks Ali) He loved it so much that he wore them to bed. Don't worry I took them off of him when he fell asleep. He didn't love the fireworks at first. He wouldn't get off my lap. Then he calmed down and didn't want to leave. Then all the way home he kept saying look at the fireworks. Lucky for us people were still lighting them and he had a show all the way home! Happy 4th!

Bubble time with Elmo and Skyler (we miss you Skyler!)

Swim time is always fun at Grandma's!

Keep a look out for the upcoming posts! They may be a little short but you will see our life!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Woody Hold Still.

So it has been quite sometime since I have post anything. I really need to catch up on the last 6 months. I plan to do it shortly. So today Rorke cracked me up. I just am so grateful to be at home with him and that I don't miss many of the cute things that he does. So today...

Rorke told me that he needed to wash Woody's hands. So I went and gave him a wet wipe so he didn't get Woody soaking wet in the sink. So he says to Woody "Woody you are disgusting. Gross. Woody Hold still". He then continues to wash all of Woody and says. "Ok Woody now blow your nose. Oh good job Woody" Then he says "Ok that will do" It is just so stinkin cute. And is so much more cute when you see him do it. I love that he is just a little man now and just talks like an adult some days. I so love it. Some things I wish were recorded. He is just a funny kid and I love him so much!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We had such a good time at the Circus today. Rorke loved the Motorcycles in the cage. Of course we knew that was going to happen. He kept clapping and yelling and laughing and saying vroom, vroom. So cute. He really liked to see the miniature horses and then at intermission we saw that they were giving Elephant rides and Rorke LOVES Elephants too. He was so happy and just stood there and stared. I wasn't sure if I should let him ride. He is a little young and I thought if I bought a ticket he many not even ride. When we asked they said he was free with a paying adult and that if he wouldn't go on they would give me my money back. That was it, we decided to try. We made it just in time the last group to ride. He loved it so much and kept asking for more. I wish he had a longer ride. He was so happy. He was making elephant noises and he came home and was happy all over again telling Dad he rode an elephant. Xander loved it too. He got to sit in the very front and was such a good boy! Thanks to all the friends that we got to go with. Super fun day!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Caterpillar/ parks and more

The Mom's group that we are in does a lot of fun little things. The bottom Caterpillar was just when we got home from making it. This has for sure become our little pet. Every day Rorke asked to feed it. If you look close you will see Swedish fish on the tray. We are now down to just giving it water everyday. Rorke does it all him self and he loves he "pillar" as he calls it. He will try and pick it up now and then. He is getting green with grass. Maybe not as much as some I have seen but Rorke loves it anyhow. I love this kind of pet! I just hope Rorke is fine with having this all his life

It has been great weather here a lot and we spend almost everyday at either the park or the pool or the pool at the park. We have also gone to the spray park. Rorke has really enjoyed it all. We have both gotten a bit of a tan and that is a good bonus. I love being able to spend this time with Rorke.

Rorke being a stinker. He pulls the cushions off our couch all the time. He will tell you "get down" he then will jump on it like a trampoline. I don't like it but he loves it!

We got to go bowling with the Reed's. Poor Xander dropped a bowling ball on his foot right away and sat it out. Rorke and Elena has a great time. Rorke always wanted it to be his turn. I think he even beat Hilary (yes Rorke had bumpers and Hilary didn't) I beat everyone so that made me happy!

I was in charge of doing our ward party and we did an Amazing Race party. I thought it was a lot of fun. I hope everyone else did as well. We played a lot of really fun games. Of course the cheeseball beard game. Finding colored rice in a big bowl of rice. Not that easy and a few more. Good times! Thanks Mom for all the help. Couldn't have done it without you.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Father and Son camp out

Sterling and Xander invited Gunnar and Rorke to the Father and Son Camp Out. They had a really good time. Rorke was so dirty! He loved it. Thanks for the fun time!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long Post

Sorry about the long post. Hopefully I will never wait this long ever again. That was a lot of work. Enjoy. Just make sure you scroll down all the way. there is a ton to see. thanks!!

M.I.A.... Longest Post in the History of My Blogger Life.

Some how this got deleted. Here is the Elmo cake that my Mom made and it was a group effort to decorate it. Even though I think it was mostly my Mom and Dad that did it.

So I have not really been missing. Just been busy and lazy and without a computer. So last time I made a post I was a resident of Billings MT. We moved the end of March to Rock Springs, WY. Gunnar got a job at FMC. A different Mine in Wyoming. He started Work March 7th. Thanks to the Reed's for letting Gunnar live with them for a while. I quit after almost 13 years of working for Hertz. I am loving being a stay at home Mom. I think Rorke really likes it too. I know he really misses Grandma and Grandpa Peterson and Wendy and the Eliason's. We then moved into Holly's house and then to the apartment we are in now. Things have been great. I have already met a lot of great people and have got to visit Utah a ton.
Cute kids just hangin out. I think they missed each other this weekend. They have really gotten used to seeing each other a lot!

The Reed's came over when we got back from Utah. The kids were excited to give Rorke his Birthday presents. Thanks kids.
Rorke turned 2. I can't believe that he is that old. We decided to have a party at My Mom's house. Thanks to everyone who came. Rorke love's his bike so much and it was already falling apart and he uses it so much we got him a major upgrade. he loves his new bike and it is so cool. I love it too. i want one. He already has got to ride it a ton.
Cute kids at the Party
Opening Presents
Party Hats
He loves his Uncle Cameron.

We have made some good friends and Rorke really likes Skyler. We have hung out a lot. Here we are at the mall having a good time.
Matching shirts.

Play-doh. Rorke has discovered Play-doh. We played for two hours this day.

I am starting to do photography as a business here in Rock Springs. I have done a couple of shoots with my family. You will see a few on here.
Easter at Grandma and Grandpa's. Here is Tanner getting all the attention.
Brennan having her turn with the eggs.

After the Easter egg hunt that my Mom did. So fun!

Mom and Dad's photo shoot

Tanner's shoot

Rorke's two year pictures

Sleeping soundly

Reed shoot

My Mom got these silly hats and Rorke loves to wear them!

Here is our Big Boise Girls Weekend trip. We had a really good time. We spent time out at the pool. Played games. Ran a Idaho Potato 5k and went to see Wicked. So much fun. Loved it! We need to do it again soon!

Rorke got his Birthday invitations and we went to mail them. He loved being able to send each one of them himself. It was so cute watching him do it all him self. What a big boy!
Here in Rock Springs they have a book program where you sign up for the Dolly Parton Book Club and they send your kids a free book until they are 5. This was Rorke's first book. The little engine that could. He was so excited to get the mail.
Because we are so close to Hilary I decided to run over and decorate the outside of her house. I went early in the morning and she didn't even know. Then it rained and I ended going over to her house before she even realized it. Oh well it was still fun. Happy birthday Hilary! Enjoy your 68 years!

For Mother's Day and (to bring me my fixed computer) My Mom and Dad and Tanner met Hilary and her Kids and Gunnar, Rorke and I in Evanston for a Mother's Day lunch. We ate at the Sud's Brothers. It was so good we are all still talking about going back. We had a good time and got to go play at a park for a while. My mom brought these silly things and we all tried them on.

More Randomness...
Easter Sunday in our new Sunday Best Easter outfits. Gunnar and Rorke walked home from Church.

Eating all the goodies. Rorke ate almost his whole Easter Bunny right when he got up and then puked it all up. What a fun Easter Morning.

Here are all the kiddos eating at Chick fil A. We all love this place. Love it when all the kids get to be together!

Peyton and Rorke doing there own thing!

My Mom got all the kids a Chuck E Cheese gift Cert. for Christmas and so we all got to go and have a good time. Rorke loved the bowling game. he played like 12 times.

I have joined a Mom's group here in Rock Springs. It is about 25 Mom's with young kids that need to get out and play and meet other Mom's and kids. We do a lot of fun things. Here we went to tour the Fire Dept, Rorke loved seeing the Fire engines. he kept saying Fire Truck Fire Truck. He was asking to get inside and then when they were letting them inside he wouldn't go. Silly kid.

This was the Mom's group Easter Egg Hunt. His first real one and he loved it!

Rorke is almost always on his trike. I think it is his favorite thing. He picked up pedaling super fast and now rides around the apartments.

More shoots with the family. thanks Adrian for letting me use your kids. They are adorable.

I took a few of Rorke too while I was doing Peyton and Jackson

More random...

A Pirate..A Pirate...A Pirate says AARRRR!. Rorke loves Pirates on Backyardigans and loves being a pirate. It is so cute to hear him say it. I also have a cute one with Adrian wearing it but I didn't think she wanted me to post it.

Just random cuteness and me messing with my camera!

Hilary's Mother in law Holly was so generous to let us stay at her home here in Rock Springs. We needed a place to stay for two weeks before our apartment was ready. This gave us space and we are so grateful. My child loved the bath and he will play in there with or without water. He will take all his toys and throw them in the tub then get in the tub and throw them all out. Little trouble maker. haha. Good thing he is so cute. He also has to wash his hands about 30 times a day. At least he is clean.

It is so nice that we are here in Rock Springs for a lot of different reasons but one that is so fun is being so close to family. We get to spend so much time with Hilary and her family. This is at one of Elena's soccer games. She is so cute playing and has scored a bunch of goals but no matter what she is so excited and always giving us a thumbs up. Rorke just wants to be playing and keeps yelling for the ball. he also yells GO GO GO GO. So cute. He has even ran out onto the field twice. Got to watch that little guy!

I just got my new camera and I had to try it out. He is such a cutie. I love my new camera too!